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ready to join the strong knees & quads squad?

get bulletproof knees

Jump higher, squat lower, bend deeper, run faster, walk further, all by using the Slant Board on a consistent basis!

build bigger, stronger legs!

The Nordic hamstring curl is one of the best exercises to improve your overall explosiveness and lower body strength.


“A slant board is a staple tool which allows you to target your VMO, which is the largest and most directly-contracting muscle to protect your knee. And from a performance standpoint, the VMO is the most fast-twitch of the 4 quadriceps muscles. Nathan’s boards are simply the best I’ve used due to the right incline, grip, and width while being easily portable and fairly-priced.

Personally, I love the customised aspect because it gives me the motivation to dig deep when I see my son’s name on my board. I also use the board for unique calf and hamstring work which can save the careers of elite sprinters. I’m very grateful than Nathan came along and I’m not saying this because I have to. I’m a full-paying customer and I’ll be back many more times. Not only should everyone have one of these, but I also can’t think of a better gift for the $’s.”

what can the slant board do for you?

for pain relief

Learn how to heal from knee pain and knee injuries. Reactivate your power.

for flexibility

Enhance joint health, and flexion. Help prevent low-back pain and injuries.

for mobility

Discover how you can move with ease post surgery or after a sports injury.

for athletic power

Get explosive power in your legs. So you can tumble, jump, lift or run without injury.

“Introducing the Slant Board into my training has helped me to unlock strength and mobility that I have been missing for years. The quality and utility of this product are unmatched in my experience.

Marcus Filly

a little about

Slant Board Guy™

Millions of people around the world experience knee pain. Parkour professionals, basketball players, gymnasts, climbers, runners, the elderly, and even kids needlessly suffer.

Don’t Let Knee Pain Stop You from Feeling & Performing Your Best… 

We stumbled (not literally) onto this revolutionary set of exercises by accident. Now we can happily say we have helped transform thousands of people’s knee health and knee ability forever!

If you’re pumped, and ready to put in the work, we promise you’ll be able to achieve better knee health and become an explosive athlete too. Pre-habilitation or rehabilitation, everyone can hop onto the slant board. Progress at your own pace and get ready to challenge your limits.

Since launching our flagship product, we have also introduced the Step Up Board, and Nordic Straps that help with calves, ankle, quads, and knee strength as well.

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