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Slant Board Guy was founded in 2019 as a family-owned and operated business. Slant Board Guy founder, Nathan, noticed a gap in the market when it came to knee health, which had presented itself during a 4-day intensive training camp he was on. So he decided to do something about it and fill that gap. He made it his mission to be the solution, and that’s how our business was born.

Our slant boards promote the very best solution to knees over toes health!

Ben Patrick @kneesovertoesguy

“A slant board is a staple tool which allows you to target your VMO, which is the largest and most directly-contracting muscle to protect your knee. And from a performance standpoint, the VMO is the most fast-twitch of the 4 quadriceps muscles. Nathan’s boards are simply the best I’ve used due to the right incline, grip, and width while being easily portable and fairly-priced.

Personally, I love the customised aspect because it gives me the motivation to dig deep when I see my son’s name on my board. I also use the board for unique calf and hamstring work which can save the careers of elite sprinters. I’m very grateful than Nathan came along and I’m not saying this because I have to. I’m a full-paying customer and I’ll be back many more times. Not only should everyone have one of these, but I also can’t think of a better gift for the $’s.”

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