slant board guy™

We believe exercise should be fun, and leave you feeling good about yourself no matter what level you’re on. It also shouldn’t come with a price tag of knee pain or injury. 

We started Slant Board Guy to disrupt the fitness industry and change the way people deal with knee pain.

By creating the Slant Board and focusing on strengthening the supporting muscles around the knees, we’ve been able to help people heal after injury, enhance their overall fitness performance, and reactivate their power. The KEY was looking at the root cause and not masking the symptoms with external solutions.

Since launching the Slant Board we’ve also added Nordic Straps to strengthen hamstrings, and Step Up boards to work your calves. Everyone should be able to exercise pain FREE!

Do it for yourself, stay consistent, and always always contact us at the Slant Board Guy™ with any questions you may have on your journey to better knee health.

Join the Strong Knees & Quads Squad!

Portable Fitness

We make fitness portable. Easily transport your Slant board gear to the gym and back.

Strongest Materials

All our products are made with long lasting – industrial grade materials, ready to withstand insane workouts!

Sport is for Everyone

Made for anyone – from elite athletes to regular folk just like us. Start maximizing your potential.

Family Owned Business

We love connecting with all our customers and strive to provide the best services for our community.

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