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Hi, I’m Nathan, founder of Slant Board Guy

I have been a gym enthusiast my whole life. I was a national swimmer in my earlier years and wanted to maintain my fitness throughout my adult life. I am happily married; we share 3 amazing children together and our Cavoodle, CoCo completes our family.

I am a carpenter by trade and have worked in that industry for more than 15 years. So, when the need to produce a slant board presented itself, I knew I was just the man for the job.

Slant Board Guy started from my garage at home and has grown exponentially as people have been trying and seeing gains using these methods of training. Check out our testimonials to see for yourself. Slant Boards can be used by Professional Athletes, gyms, and are essential for any home gym. Slant Boards work by strengthening the VMO muscle that supports the knee.

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Slant Board Guy was founded in 2019 as a family-owned and operated business. Slant Board Guy founder noticed a gap in the market, which had presented itself during a 4-day intensive training camp he was on. He decided he needed to fill the gap and supply boards to people he knew, trained with and for elite athletes.

Both step-down and full range squats now have evidence which proves their value for knee health and athleticism.  A slant board uses physics to put pressure on the right areas and create the fullest range of motion in the squat! A staple item for any gym!


– Nathan, The Slant Board Guy 

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