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Welcome to our Corner of the Internet

We’re excited to share our rollercoaster of a journey – a mix of love, business hustle, and global conquest that all started right in our own driveway. Yeah, you read that right!

Picture this..

There we were, a dynamic husband and wife duo, dreaming big dreams in the most unexpected of places – our driveway. It might sound crazy, but that’s where the magic began. With a heap of passion and a dash of audacity, we cooked up the plans that would set our future in motion.

But hey, let’s keep it real – it wasn’t all smooth sailing. Balancing the chaos of launching a business and the chaos of family life had us dancing on our toes 24/7.

We Hustled

Early mornings and late nights became our jam as we hustled to get our thing off the ground, all while making sure our kiddos felt the love. Our driveway, the birthplace of our dreams, became a symbol of our can-do spirit.

As our business soared, our journey took us to places we never thought possible. From that humble driveway HQ, we expanded across the globe, with warehouses in more spots than we can count. And let’s be honest, the challenges just got fancier. Growing a business while keeping the family ship steady required more adaptability and teamwork than we ever imagined.

Our partnership

Through it all, our partnership stayed unbreakable – grounded in trust, fueled by good communication, and driven by the shared excitement that kicked off this wild ride. We realized that being partners in life and business was like having a superpower. Every bump in the road wasn’t a hurdle, but a chance to show just what we were made of. This story is a shout-out to the power of love, ambition, and family ties. It’s proof that even the most unconventional beginnings can lead to some seriously epic outcomes.

Stick around as we take a trip down memory lane – from our humble driveway roots to the big global stage. This is us – a tale of love, determination, and a whole lot of adventure.

Nathan Grant

Co-Founder of Slant Board Guy, Nathan is the proud co-builder of Slant Board Guy – “Only the Best for the Best”

Kimberly Grant

Chief Executive and Co-Founder of Slant Board Guy, Kimberly is also known as Slant Board Girl (@slantboardgirl)

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