The AXIS is a board built for EXPLOSIVENESS. Great for athletes in sports which require a sudden change in direction.

This board comes highly recommended for use not only in a home and gym setting but in a variety of rehabilitation and exercise regimes.

A stunning lightweight board that you can take anywhere you go!

SKU: AXIS-SBG-1000-1-1


What can the Slant Board do for you?

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Pain Relief

Learn how to heal from knee pain and knee injuries. Reactivate your power.


Discover how you can move with ease post surgery or after a sports injury.


Enhance joint health, and flexion. Help prevent low-back pain and injuries.

Athletic Power

Get explosive power in your legs. So you can tumble, jump, lift or run without injury.

Your knees are the biggest joint in your body, which makes them vulnerable to injury, pain, and weakness. The Slant Board is an incredible piece of exercise equipment that has helped thousands of people strengthen their quad muscles and knee joints! Use the slant board to:

  • Center support can handle weights up to 450lbs
  • Increase difficulty by squatting while weight lifting
  • Lightweight and easy transport to the gym and beyond!
  • Ultra-strong grip so you never slip!

SBG Legend

Marcus Filly

“Introducing the Slant Board into my training has helped me to unlock strength and mobility that I have been missing for years. The quality and utility of this product are unmatched in my experience.

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