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Win the Slant Board Guy and Vibit Pack worth $329.95

🔥 WIN A FLEX 2.0 SLANT BOARD & Portable Vibrating Massage Roller 🔥

Bulletproof your knees and take your recovery to the next level 🚀

Say hello to strong knees and goodbye to aches and pains with the ultimate strength and recovery package from Slant Board Guy and Vibit.


1x $134.95 – THE FLEX – SLANT BOARD 2.0

1x $119 – Portable Vibrating Massage Roller

2x $19.99 – Resistance Bands for the Slant Board Flex


Enter the draw to in our The Flex – Slant Board 2.0! Take your slant board workouts to the next level with The Flex!

  • Add Resistance Bands to LEVEL UP Your Slant Board Workout
  • Centre support can handle weights up to 200kg
  • Increase difficulty by squatting while weight lifting
  • Lightweight and easy transport to the gym and beyond!
  • Ultra-strong grip so you never slip!

The Vibit ROLL combines and advances the technology of existing massage balls and rollers in a compact and powerful design.

  • Deep tissue massage that helps you recover faster and relieve pain naturally.
  • Perfect for boosting circulation, relieving tension, reducing stress and improving sleep.
  • High density surface features effectively trigger point & release tension.
  • 4 levels of vibration & 120 min battery life per charge.