Frequently Asked Questions


It is designed to activate and strengthen the quad muscle around your kneecap (VMO) – enhancing your stability, flexibility & mobility.
To improve your knee health for every age and athletic level so you can jump higher, squat lower, run faster, walk further.

Yes! We have customers who load their boards up with weights all the time.

While we endeavour to ship your board within 4 business days from date of purchase the time between your purchase and receiving the board can vary for several reasons. If delivery is within Australia, your board should take 2 days shipping. International shipping varies depending on the country we are shipping too. Please note custom boards need a week extra for us to personalise to your liking.

Absolutely! We love personalising our boards for individuals and gyms alike. Simple select the custom option, upload your logo and we will get your custom board out to you as soon as possible. Please note we cannot do trademarked images, only your business logo and or wording.
Our slant boards are made from structural material, so they are beyond sturdy. We also have constructed them to ensure they are safe for large load limits.

Of course! We would love to help you out with multiple board purchase. We also offer discounts for multiple purchase orders so if you wish to order multiple boards simple drop us an email at

Our Slant Boards 500mm x 320mm x 150mm
Our Step-Up Boards are 500mm x 750mm. With 2 in, 4 in and 6 in steps
Our boards are strong and sturdy taking weights around 350 kg, or 750 pounds
No, our slant boards do not have adjustable heights to ensure they are upper strong. We do however recommend changing your foot placement to achieve the desired angle you are after for your recovery or ability.
Our board is lightweight and easy to carry only weighing 2.5 kg.

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