Creating Explosive Athletes with Strong Hamstrings!

Nordic Straps

Hamstrings are one of those muscles that people always seem to complain about. They feel weak, they’re tight, and painful when bending and straightening. Performing nordic hamstring curls can strengthen those hammies – helping to maintain good posture, stabilize your hips, prevent leg injury and withstand force during high impact sports.

Curious About the Science Behind the Nordic Straps?

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    If you’re new to Slant Board Guy, you might be wondering can Nordic Straps really strengthen my hamstring muscles?

    The Answer is YES and Here’s How:

    Don’t neglect your hamstrings. Pro-sports players and gym newbies have found tremendous benefits from using these Nordic Straps.

    The Perfect Size & Color

    Measures a full 1.5 meters / 4.9ft long and 2 inches wide.

    Long Lasting - Industrial Grade Materials

    Zinc alloy buckle and tear resistant polyester strap.

    Includes Carry Bag for Storage & Protection

    Protect and store your Nordic strap with ease!

    Build Bigger, Stronger Legs!

    Use the straps to perform effective, eccentric muscle exercises.

    Curl Up on Your Workout Bench Instead of the Couch!

    The Nordic hamstring curl is one of the best exercises to improve your overall explosiveness and lower body strength.  Enjoy improved vertical jump and sprinting speed.

    Build Bigger, Stronger Legs Today!