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The slant board, toe separator, and duffle bag bundle is a deal not to be missed! It is your full bundle knee, toe, and on-the-go bundle wrapped in one. Our Custom made Slant Board is made for anyone from elite athletes to the everyday person who is looking to build stronger legs to help with flexibility, mobility and athletic power. The benefits of using our slant boards include the ability to isolate the VMO muscle which supports the knee and other muscles during this exercise which in turn creates stronger knees and quads.

Patent Pending 29810264

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What can the Flex Slant Board do for you?

Pain Relief

Reactivate your strength. Learn how to heal from knee pain and knee injuries.


Increase muscle economy and endurance. Athletic longevity starts here.


Enhance joint health, and flexion. Help prevent low-back pain and injuries.

Athletic Power

Added resistance for more explosive power. Jump, lift or run without injury.

Customize your workouts like never before. Discover a whole NEW range of exercises that you can perform with bands and our Flex Slant Board combined. Try different types of squats with resistance bands, banded marches, banded front raises and more. Increase your muscular endurance and reduce risk of sports injury by strengthening specific muscle groups.

  • Center support can handle weights up to 450lbs
  • Increased difficulty by squatting with bands
  • Lightweight and easy transport to the gym and beyond!
  • Ultra-strong grip so you never slip!

This is what everyone is saying about our Slant Boards...

Who Uses Our Boards?

All of the Best


Level Up Your Workouts With Resistance Bands


Suitable for all fitness levels, our resistance bands can be used for a variety of workouts targeting different muscle groups.

Slant Board Flex Integration

These resistance bands can be seamlessly integrated with our Slant Board Flex. This combination allows for enhanced stretching exercises, improved balance workouts, and targeted muscle engagement.

Compact & Portable

Lightweight and easy to store, these bands are perfect for home workouts, gym sessions, or even on-the-go training.


Made from high-tensile strength material, these bands are built to last, ensuring consistent tension and resistance.

SBG Legend

Marcus Filly

“Introducing the Slant Board into my training has helped me to unlock strength and mobility that I have been missing for years. The quality and utility of this product are unmatched in my experience.

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