Slant board + Nordic Strap bundle


* This bundle includes 1 x slant board and 1 x strap. Please select the colour of your slant board and strap

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Patent No. D1005421

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What can the Slant Board do for you?

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Pain Relief

Learn how to heal from knee pain and knee injuries. Reactivate your power.


Discover how you can move with ease post surgery or after a sports injury.


Enhance joint health, and flexion. Help prevent low-back pain and injuries.

Athletic Power

Get explosive power in your legs. So you can tumble, jump, lift or run without injury.

Nordic Hamstring Curl Strap – Used To Target And Strengthen Hamstring Muscle.  Our durable lightweight straps are used to help you with your Nordic Curl exercise. A Nordic curl is a highly effective hamstring exercise. This exercise is an eccentric movement, meaning a motion that is done when the muscle is lengthening under load. It increases strength and alters the foundation of your hamstring muscle. Doing so improves the ability of the hamstring muscle to produce and withstand forces during running and other sports. The Key Benefits: – Increase leg strength using your own bodyweight – Suitable to male & female use – Easy to use with standard workout bench – Carry Bag for Convenience and Protection
Our Custom made Slant Board is made for anyone from elite athletes to the everyday person who is looking to maximise their potential. Our slant board is constructed with structural wood with our own centre support system so it is durable and can withstand large weights and pressure. We have also covered the surface with high-quality anti-slip tape to allow for any size and stance. The benefits of using our slant boards include the ability to isolate the VMO muscle which supports the knee and other muscles during this exercise which in turn creates stronger knees and quads.  It is useful for all levels of fitness and mobility and is practical and convenient to have at home or in any gym setting. It is essential for superior knee health. It is lightweight and easy to carry around.

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Marcus Filly

“Introducing the Slant Board into my training has helped me to unlock strength and mobility that I have been missing for years. The quality and utility of this product are unmatched in my experience.

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