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Slant Board Guy custom-made slant boards are the ideal lower body training tool. Made from premium quality structural timber, the board is designed to target the VMO muscle; that’s the main muscle that protects your knee from injury.

Whether you’re a senior with ongoing knee problems or an elite athlete looking to optimize agility and jumping ability, the Slant Board will revolutionize your workouts.

Just consider the benefits:

  • Improved balance control
  • Prevents lower body inflammation
  • Reduces aches and pains in the legs and hips
  • Injury rehabilitation
  • Improves knee health
  • Better quad focus when squatting
  • Allows for isolated tibialis strengthening exercise
  • Great for developing the stopping and jumping ability of athletes

Slant Board Features

  • Can handle up to 350 kgs (750 lbs).
  • Lightweight, so you can take it to the gym; weighs just 2.5 kg
  • Ultra-strong grip so you never slip
  • Made from premium quality structural timber
  • Bonus Ebook and Video included with your purchase
  • Large enough to suit people of all shapes and sizes: 50 x 31 x 15 cm
  • Available in your choice of nine colour schemes

Your Slant Board Options

The Original Slant Board

Our original Slant Board is sturdy, lightweight, and super strong. With a 450 lb max weight allowance it allows you to perform heavy squats to strengthen and develop your quads. It also targets your all-important VMO muscles for quad support.

Custom Logo Slant Board & Strap Bundle

This bundle pairs our original Slant Board with a Nordic Hamstring Curl Strap. This is the ideal pairing to target the often neglected hamstrings at the back of the upper legs, allowing you to perform the Nordic Curl exercise.

A Nordic curl is a highly effective hamstring exercise. This exercise is an eccentric movement, meaning a motion that is done when the muscle is lengthening under load. It increases strength and alters the foundation of your hamstring muscle. Doing so improves the ability of the hamstring muscle to produce and withstand forces during running and other sports.

Custom Logo Slant Board

Proudly display your brand with our customized logo slant boards. We’ll add your logo to the face of the board to deliver a stylish, professional finish.

Please note that there is a 2 board minimum order on customized boards. We are also unable to customize copyrighted images or logos. We can only produce custom designs for names and logos.

What is a Slant Board?

A Slant Board is a flat, non-slip platform that has an angled surface. The Slant Board is covered in high-quality anti-slip tape to ensure a solid, secure grip.

The exerciser stands on the slant board when performing squat-type exercises as well as isolated movements for the tibialis. The Slant board can also be used for a range of lower body stretching exercises.

Why Use a Slant Board?

When you exercise with your heels raised, as when standing on a slant board, your knees will travel over your toes when you go into a squat. For many years it was claimed that you had to prevent the knees from going over the toes to prevent knee strain. We now know that the opposite is true.

Allowing your knee to travel over your toes maximally engages the vastus medialis oblique, which is the main muscle that protects your knee from injury.

The raised heel position of the Slant Board will also put you in the best biomechanical position to work your quadriceps. Doing cable squats on the Slant Board will give you an awesome quad burn!

What Our Customers Say about Slant Board …


North Queensland Cowboys Rugby League Player

“Love this board, prepares me for training every day and also GAME DAY. It creates a blood flow around my knees which helps me warm up but most importantly it has helped me get my knees stronger to perform at my best every single day, whether it’s training, weights in the gym or games.”


Strength & Conditioning Coach, Canada @rangeofstrength

“Slantboard Guy has built a wedge that can withstand my every training demand! From heavy lifts to end range flexibility work, I don’t go anywhere without it and I don’t trust anyone else to build it!”


Strength & Performance Coach, France

“Slant Board Guy providing me with the tools to take my knee health and strength to new levels. It’s the best piece of equipment I’ve invested in a long time. Sometimes the simplest pieces of equipment are the best.”