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If you’re an athlete, a bodybuilder, or just someone trying to be the best possible you, we’ve got three key things to help keep you safe from injuries. And we’re not just talking any injuries—we’re talking about the ones that really get in your way: knee injuries, hamstring injuries, and basically any injuries that can happen from your waist down.


Why do we use the slant board?

Why are we using this slant board, and why are we focusing so much on the VMO or vastus medialis? Well, here’s the scoop. When we’re down low squatting position, it really zeroes in on that area. You see, the VMO is one of the main muscles that’s got your knee’s support. So, over the long haul, we’re working to beef up that muscle to give your knee more support. With all the force that’s coming up from the ground and traveling upward, we need all the support we can get around our knee, and that’s where the slant board and these workouts come in. They’re like a secret weapon for making that muscle stronger.


So you might be asking yourself, why not just squat?

Why not just do regular squats? Good question! A lot of folks are actually held back by their calf and ankle mobility or flexibility. That’s where a Slant Board comes into play. The slant board takes these limitations out of the equation and allows your knees to track over your toes nicely. The best part? It places you in a more natural position that you can comfortably achieve. Now, not everyone has this kind of flexibility naturally, especially athletes. That’s why the slant board is such a handy tool. And don’t forget, it’s not just for squats, you can do a ton of stuff with it, like single leg step downs, tracking, and even split squats. 


It’s all about preventing injuries and supporting those key areas like your VMO and ankles. Trust me, your body will thank you for it!


Using a Slant Board & Other Tools for Injury Prevention

Injuries, particularly those involving the lower body, are common among athletes, bodybuilders, and fitness enthusiasts. The trouble arises when it involves significant areas such as the knee or hamstring, affecting daily movements.Tools like minibands, mini hurdles, and a slant board can help reduce injury risk, increase flexiblity and help keep your knees strong well into your finer years. 


Mini Bands: Great to Help Keep Injuries at Bay

Mini bands, also known as resistance bands, are compact, versatile fitness tools that can enhance any workout regimen. These flat, looped bands are usually made from latex or a similar durable, elastic material and come in a variety of colors, each representing different resistance levels—from light for beginners to heavy for more advanced users.


Minbands are great for lateral walk exercises, requiring the knee to move outward with each step, thus engaging the glutes and adductors. This action helps in preventing Valgus, a misalignment of the leg that can result in severe knee injuries. 


Mini Hurdles: Boost Balance and Shock Absorption

The hurdles are designed to improve an individual’s ability to balance and absorb shock, two skills vital to injury prevention. They can be used for exercises that involve either both legs (bilateral) or one leg (unilateral). 


Jumping and landing are the most important aspect for many athletic activities, and a significant focus for us—particularly when it comes to single or double-footed landings—is managing the prevalent issue of instability or valgus. It’s vital to concentrate on absorbing as much of the ground impact as possible. Why? Because every action, every force exerted, fundamentally begins from the bottom and travels upwards. It’s a principle rooted in the concept of the kinetic chain, where each movement impacts the whole body, from the ankles to the top of the head. By focusing on soft landings, we can mitigate the risk of many common injuries, particularly those involving the ankles.


The Slant Board: Enhancing Knee Health

The Slant Board helps to strengthen the VMO or Vastus Medialis (a knee-supporting muscle), thus improving knee health. By allowing the knees to track over the toes during exercises, it caters to individuals with limited calf and ankle flexibility. Furthermore, the slant board can be used for a variety of exercises, all focusing on injury prevention and improving knee health. 


Key Takeaway: Prioritize Your Knee Health

The importance of knee health can’t be overstated, as most lower body movements involve the knees. The minibands, mini hurdles, and slant board are thus crucial tools for anyone aiming to prevent injuries and enhance their performance. These tools are convenient, portable, and easy to use. While Tiger Fitness is set to stock them soon, they are also readily available on platforms like Amazon. 


This demonstration reinforced that with the right tools and techniques, injury prevention is achievable for everyone, regardless of their athletic proficiency. 


Conclusion: Prevention is Easier Than The Cure


This enlightening demonstration has underscored the importance of investing in the right tools for preventing injuries. Whether you’re an athlete, bodybuilder, or just someone keen on maintaining their fitness, these tools can be of significant benefit. The underlying message is simple: preventing an injury is easier, cheaper, and less painful than recovering from one.

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