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An Integrated Approach to Neck Stretching and Strengthening


Is your neck aching from extended hours in front of the screen? We’ve got just the remedy for you. Based on a transcribed audio clip, we’ve put together a guide that combines neck stretches with strengthening exercises to provide an integrated solution for your discomfort. 


First, the movement starts with an upwards and backwards stretch. Here, we’re combining the firing pattern of the glutes with that of the cervical extensors. This coordinated effort helps distribute the work and minimize strain. 


Alongside this, we also focus on activating the shoulder blades, getting your middle back involved in tandem with the backward motion of your cervical spine. There’s no need for intensity; it’s about consistency and proper form. 


Don’t Exert Yourself Excessively

A modest number of reps, perhaps 10 to 15, should suffice. The purpose isn’t to exert yourself excessively but to stimulate these muscles slowly and in a controlled manner. After all, the muscles in your neck are primarily endurance muscles. Their role is primarily to maintain posture and enable a wide range of motion, so they need to be gently nurtured rather than aggressively worked. 


Now, let’s incorporate a movement known as a ‘check six’. As you lift your head up, look over to one side. Allow your head to drop down, then look up and over to one side, returning to the center afterward. Repeat the same motion, this time looking to the other side. 


Throughout this exercise, remain conscious of your glutes. Squeeze tight and engage them effectively. The muscles in the center of your back work in harmony to support the neck, so it’s crucial to keep them activated. 


Isolated Neck Strengthening Exercise

Essentially, these are isolated neck strengthening exercises. Yet, their value lies in how they can be integrated into your daily routine, especially for those who need to maintain certain postures for extended periods. 


By using this integrative approach, you can both stretch and strengthen your neck muscles, providing long-term relief from the discomfort of prolonged screen time. Always remember to consult with a healthcare provider if you experience any discomfort while performing these exercises or if you have any pre-existing conditions.



Neck stretching and strengthening routines included an upwards and backwards stretch, activation of the glutes and shoulder blades, and a ‘check six’ movement for a wide range of motion. The emphasis is on slow, controlled reps – about 10 to 15 – as neck muscles are primarily endurance muscles. 


The exercises aim to gently nurture these muscles, offering relief from discomfort caused by extended screen time. Integrating these exercises into daily routines, especially for people who maintain certain postures for long periods can help with back and neck pain.


Remember: Consult healthcare providers in case of any discomfort or pre-existing conditions.

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