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4th of July blowout sale!


get my flex 2.0 slant board & claim 2 free bands!

Pain Relief

Learn how to heal from knee pain and knee injuries. Reactivate your power.


Discover how you can move with ease post surgery or after a sports injury.


Enhance joint health, and flexion. Help prevent low-back pain and injuries.

Athletic Power

Get explosive power in your legs. So you can tumble, jump, lift or run without injury.



  • Strong and lightweight

  • Holds up to 800 lbs

  • Durable, high-grade titanium

  • Add band resistance for a customized workout

  • Anti-slip, grip technology

  •  The ALL-IN-ONE workout tool!

$200 VALUE

ONLY $104.95

For a limited time!

See why we’re trusted by top athletes all over the world!

Get my flex 2.0 slant board & claim 2 free bands!

SBG Legend

J e f f L o V e c c h i o

🏒 Retired Pro Hockey Player
🤳🏻 Love Helping You Train Smarter
🥩 Pro•College•Amateur Clients

What can the Slant Board do for you?

Most of us just need to retrain the neuromuscular pathways to regain our range of motion and I always say, USE ASSISTANCE WHEN NEEDED, then TAKE IT AWAY & EXPLORE MORE! Slant Boards by Slant Board Guy is a great tool for that! I just REALLY like this equipment!

✅ the surface is grippy & you won’t slip!
✅ the angle of this slant is perfect, not too much or too little for progression!
✅ the precision of the cuts on the board are quality!
✅ the board has a nice weight on it feeling stable!

The Slant Board

The OG. This board can safely hold over 800 lbs. It’s made of structural timber with reinforced centre support and is the perfect fit for any commercial gym, studio or home gym. This is the easiest board to use when performing any type of heavy bilateral squat patterns because of its oversized nature.

The Flex – Slant Board 2.0

It’s time to take your slant board workouts to the next level with The Flex! A NEW spin on our standard slant board lets you perform a variety of squats BUT with added resistance. Simply slide your resistance bands onto the side hooks and strengthen your knees, glutes, quads, hamstrings, hip flexors, calves and not to mention your core if you keep it engaged!

The Axis Board

This board has less pitch than the OG Slant Board and it’s also double-sided. It’s perfect for hitting the posterior chain with GOATA movements as well as helping beginners learn to more comfortably squat with a less dramatic heel lift.

The SBG Duo

These are my personal favorite. They are light, compact and take up almost no room in your gym bag or suitcase! Because they are so compact, they will also fit in your equipment bag easily! The Duos can also safely hold loads up to over 800 lbs, making them the ultimate choice in my eyes.

SBG Legend

Marcus Filly

“Introducing the Slant Board into my training has helped me to unlock strength and mobility that I have been missing for years. The quality and utility of this product are unmatched in my experience.

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